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The Trophy Bag Kooler™ Story

by Steven Glass

One fall day many years ago I was introduced to hunting, but the excitement of hunting a whitetail deer is an experience that is hard to put into words. There’s nothing more exhilarating than hunting a big whitetail deer in the fall or the sound of a turkey gobbling in the spring. It’s enough to make your heart pound out of your chest. Imagine sitting in a tree stand on a cool crisp fall morning watching the sunrise, the dawn of a new day is such a beautiful sight and we should all cherish and embrace it each and every day. It is a true gift from God.

Nature and the outdoors can instill a certain type of peace and tranquility that can help teach us all how important it is to enjoy the abundant wildlife that’s been provided for us. We owe it to our children.  We must teach them the importance of conservation. If we don’t show them the importance of protecting the land and the right to hunt the land, we will never succeed in our conservation efforts.  

I know some parts of the country, especially in the southern region of the United States, seem to experience unseasonably warm weather in the early fall deer hunting season. Temperatures can range from the low 40’s to the high 80’s. I’m sure that out of the millions of people that hunt each year, there are countless numbers of deer that are discarded from spoilage due to the unseasonably warm

That’s why I came up with the idea of a bag that would keep the deer cold and help keep the insects off the carcass.  I know some hunters drive for hours to reach their hunting areas and this would eliminate having to leave a successful hunt early and make a mad dash to the processor or the taxidermist to try and preserve the animal they have harvested.  I tried to come up with a product that would allow me to keep hunting after harvesting an animal.

I also  came up with the idea of a built in survival blanket.  If you were hunting in a region where the weather can change suddenly, like Colorado, it would give you a dual-purpose product.  I’ve read several articles in hunting magazines about hunters getting lost in snowstorms and I thought to myself, now you’re getting somewhere.  If we could save just one life it would all be worth it.

After several trial bags, we finally hit upon the right combination of material and design. The final product used in conjunction with bagged ice or our KoolerGel™ helps to maintain temperatures of 36 to 40 degrees of a harvested animal, which is IDEAL! We were also fortunate to find a company right here in OKLAHOMA to manufacture the bags. And you Mossy Oak fans will be glad to know that our featured outer shell material is the new Mossy Oak Break-Up® pattern.  I must tell you, the Trophy Bag Kooler™ is definitely a must own product no matter where you hunt. When hunting in any region of the United States, you can experience warm weather, so DON’T SPOIL YOUR HUNT KEEP IT KOOL WITH A TROPHY BAG KOOLER!

Happy Hunting from Steve Glass, TBK Industries, LLC

About Steve

Prior to inventing the Trophy Bag Kooler™, Steve had been in the insurance and estate planning business for 23 years. His idea for the Trophy Bag Kooler™ came about due to his personal hunting experiences. Steve is dedicated to his family and enjoys hunting with his son. Steve feels it is important to enjoy the abundant wildlife that’s been provided for us. And that we owe it to our children to teach them the importance of conservation. Taking a youth hunting is an wonderful opportunity to teach them not just how to hunt, but to teach them the ethical use of renewable natural resources such as deer. DON’T SPOIL YOUR HUNT KEEP IT KOOL™ WITH A TROPHY BAG KOOLER™!

You can contact Steve on his web site at or E-mail him at  His phone number is 405-789-6940 or 866-789-6941.