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Reviews from satisfied

Trophy Bag Kooler™ customers

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Rod and Gun Guide Services

"I love my cooler, but will never put fish in it. Works great and I love it! Really good for travel and lunches! Use plastic coolers for the smelly stuff!"


Rod and Gun Guide Services


Trophy Bag Kooler Saved The Day

"I was hunting in a remote part of Missouri during the 2013 Archery Deer Season. I was successful on the second evening of the season, taking a 150 inch 10 point. By the time I had recovered the deer, all locations to donate the venison were closed. I simply packed the buck in the Trophy Bag Kooler along with the KoolerGel and left him in the bed of my truck until morning. I woke up to a very "Kool" deer in my truck! After many hours the butcher and taxidermist could not believe how well the Trophy Kooler Bag worked, I will never hunt without one!"

Matt Sheterom
Remax Realtor & Swarovski Optik Field Tech
Columbus, Ohio

"Steve, I met you last year at the Backwoods show in OKC.  I got one of your bags there.  We just had Greg and Fred Abbas of A Way Outdoors in camp for a muzzleloader hunt.  Greg took this monster 180" buck.  It was the largest buck he has ever taken.  This deer was huge and we still had plenty of room in the kooler.  He had a 24 inch neck and weighed 280 before field dressed.  This was without a doubt one of the biggest deer I have ever seen.  They were extremely impressed with the kooler. ...I also got a butcher set from you at the show and this was the first chance I had to use it.  I love it.  You make a great product and I was more than happy to spread the word about it."  Thanks Darren

homerun taxidermy in tbk homerun taxidermy in tbk
homerun taxidermy in tbk homerun taxidermy in tbk


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From Krystal and Josh White of L3Outdoors ( Stars of Discovery Channel's Hog's Gone Wild!

"If you don't have a cooler bag, get one! There are two big boars in this bag plus ice"!

Pics of Hogs Gone Wild Boars

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From Mike Kerley at Kerley's Sporting Adventures

Kerley's Sporting Adventures

"Just thought I would give you an update on your bags. Awesome! I have been using one for our drift boat in Montana for drinks and shore lunch grub. I have used the big game bag on pig hunts as you had recommended. It works great on keeping hogs cooled down. We are just starting to crank up with the heat so it will be tested. "

Kerley's Sporting Adventures

Hunting and Fishing Excursions

Can'f fly on one wing


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From the Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV Staff

Ultimate Outdoors LogoUOA Staff Photo The Trophy Bag Kooler is the only trustworthy product on the market that our staff has found which will enable a sportsman to properly, conveniently, and safely care for wild game after the harvest during unseasonably warm weather hunting conditions.  Just by adding blocks of ice to this incredible bag or the specially formulated Koolergel in two-liter bottles - which you will quickly learn to depend on – it will keep your game from spoiling, prevent bugs from getting to the carcass, and allow you the peace of mind that the cape from your trophy will be in perfect condition until you get it to your taxidermist. 

We are based out of North Dakota; therefore, the majority of our hunting adventures take place in the Midwest/Canada, and for the most part, our fall hunts are during unseasonably warm conditions so we need the best products to care for our game because we don’t have the convenience of hunting near a “walk-in” freezer or the capabilities of hauling in several huge hard-sided coolers filled with ice.  The Trophy Bag Kooler rolls up and conveniently packs into small spaces which is just one more benefit of this amazing product.

Our staff is skeptical when it comes to many products on the market today; however, after harvesting a trophy black bear the last night of our hunt in Canada; we dressed it and put the entire bear – which was approximately 350 pounds - in the large Trophy Bag Kooler with half a dozen two-liter bottles filled with the specially formulated Koolergel, and to our amazement after driving more than twelve hours the bear was cold to the touch and the ice had hardly melted.  Since that hunt our Trophy Bag Kooler is always packed and has saved our “hide” on several early season archery hunts.

The Trophy Bag Kooler has become more of an essential tool that we trust to care for our big game animals, and we have found other great uses for this product as well; therefore, we are confident that others will feel the same way.


Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV Staff

John Arman, Kurt Schirado, & Jason Wright

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Brad Lockwood, Producer, Love of the Hunt TV Show and Award Winning Processor

Brad Lockwood picture"My wife killed a nice 9-point last Monday. I skinned the deer and let it hang overnight to chill. The next day a friend from Colorado who was here hunting with me, killed a nice 8-point so I took my wife's deer down from the gambrel and placed it in the bag. I left it in the bag for SEVEN days!! When I opened the bag and cut the deer there was not one inch of dark or dried out meat! SEVEN days with ZERO waste! The meat was perfect! Nice and tender, well aged. At night the outside temperature dropped below freezing and ponds even froze over with a little ice. The deer never froze. I drug the bag with the deer in it up onto my front deck and opened the bag and removed one quarter at a time and brought it into my processing area and then de-boned the rib cage while it was in the bag!

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photo of BGFrom Michael C...Texas"...Since I bought a Kooler bag from you a couple of years back I have used it for hunting and fishing and I can say that it performs as advertised..."




From Mark J....Texas

photo of mark"I bought the Trophy Bag Kooler at the Fort Worth Texas Trophy Hunter's Extranvaganza. I took this Texas panhandle mule deer last season. Temperatures got up near 60's so the bag really worked well with the gel packs I mixed. Great product and I'll never go hunting without packing it!"



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From Sam M. in Oklahoma City...

Sam M's deer"Muzzle loader deer season in Oklahoma is often accompanied by very warm weather. The 2008 season was to be no different. After having successfully harvested a very mature buck weighing 200 pounds live weight, and 174 pounds field dressed, in November, 2008, I was faced with the task of transporting this nice buck to the meat processor in Oklahoma City from Woods County, Oklahoma; a journey of four hours. To complicate the matter, the temperature on Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 was 86 degrees with a very bright sun which added to the heat at Hitchhaul® level as the pavement reflected back much of the suns rays and added heat at ground level. How was I to overcome the high probability of seeing both hair slippage of the hide and spoilage of the meat? The answer was provided by products from the very innovative sports products company - Trophy Bag Kooler. By placing the deer in the Trophy Bag Kooler™ and placing frozen KoolerGel™ bottles - also a product of TBK - I was able to make the trip to Oklahoma City in the warm temperatures with the internal temperature of the delivered deer, after removal from the bag and removal of all the frozen gel bottles, of 38.4 degrees. Needless to say, the meat was in perfect condition and the hide showed no slippage at all. All hunters should be so fortunate as to have access to products lie those provided by Trophy Bag Kooler. If you hunt in warm climates, need to preserve either the meat for table fare or the hide for trophy preparation, I know of no other product capable of consistently performing in all weather and in all conditions as the Trophy Bag Kooler™. In addition, the bag provides a very convenient method of transporting the deer or other game animal in a durable easy to handle package that facilitates ease of handling and management from the field to the freezer."

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From Mark in Idaho...

Mark's bear"My son Max, age 12, was excited when he saw bear pics on the trail cam with similar hair color to his! After several evening hunts, the bear came in and Max connected with his .270. This bear was HUGE! Luckily a friend showed up to help us get the bear to the car that was 1/2 mile away. Going up and down the banks of two small creeks was a challenge but with the help of a snow sled and the Trophy Bag Kooler™ we didn't mind each time the bear fell out and into the creek. We had the entire bear in the Trophy Bag Kooler™ in the sled, through the rocks, mud, snow and water.

The TBK with the bear inside, fell off several times, protecting the bear rug while cooling the meat (we packed it with snow). We had two ropes, one on the sled and one on the heavy duty handle of the TBK. By the time we returned home at midnight, I realized I did not need to immediately skin the bear since it was cooling rapidly inside the TBK (I put four more bags of ice in the TBK).

Thanks for a great product and helping preserve Max's first big game trophy animal! Our taxidermist loves the Trophy Bag Kooler™ and has ordered one for himself!"

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Also from Mark in Idaho...

"I wanted to tell you about my Trophy Bag Kooler™ experience this weekend. We have a youth waterfowl hunt in Idaho on the last Saturday. My 11-year old son Max was shooting and my 6-year old son Peter loves to tag along. The temperature in the morning was 32 degrees and we walked through a lot of mud and water to get to the duck blind. I carried Peter through the water but he still managed to get his feet damp. By 8:30 a.m. he was pretty darn cold and I knew I'd have to carry him through the mud, back to the car to warm up. We had brought the Trophy Bag Kooler™ along to use as a part of our blind and/or to sit on. The camo pattern also works as a blind and the insulation is great padding and stays warm sitting on top of the mud in the blind. I had a bunch of decoy bags and things inside the TBK, I took them out, and put my son inside to warm up. After about 20 minutes he fell asleep and stayed asleep for 1.5 hours. I left the top unzipped so he'd have plenty of air and so I could check on him. I had a very difficult time getting him out of the TBK!

Thanks for a great product! It saved me a trip to the car through the mud and really kept my son warm and toasty. My older son now calls it the 'Peter Taco'."

Another from Mark...

"Andrew harvested this 300 lbs black bear at 6:40 a.m. on Memorial Day near McCall, Idaho. Temps soared later that day but the Trophy Bag Kooler kept the meat and hide cool for the 3 hour ride home. Andrew harvested the bear near McCall Idaho on Memorial Day. The kids enjoyed the celebration!"




From Jim and Jana of Skull Bound TV

"Here is a picture of our two bears in the ComboKooler™. It still had ice and everything was frozen after 36 hours of being on the road! The Trophy Bags are the bomb! Love them! Thanks for keeping our trophies safe in this must-have kooler for all occasions!"

Kinsey Bears

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