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From Jared in South Dakota...

Jared trophy"The Trophy Bag Kooler kept my buck cold throughout the evening and night. When I initially put the buck into the cooler it was 85 degrees out and remained around 65 degrees throughout the night. The next morning when I opened the bag 85% of the ice was still frozen. I feel the only melting that went on was due to the warmth of the carcass. Once that was chilled down I don't think much of any of the other ice melted at all! The next morning the antelope darn near felt as if it was left outside on a 35 degree night! After I cut up the antelope and caped him out I cleaned the bag and it cleaned extremely easy. I used a mild soap mixture and it was like new again!"

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From Chris and Seth in Texas...

Picture of Chris with deer"I purchased my Trophy Bag Kooler at the Hunters Extravaganza in Fort Worth. We have a lease about 4 1/2 hours away and making sure our harvested game doesn't spoil is important to my son Seth and I. In October my son harvested his first buck! We recovered the deer and after field dressing him we drove 15 miles to the nearest town and pulled the "bag" out from under my backseat and put the deer into the Trophy Bag Kooler. We placed 3 frozen 2 liter bottles in the deer and 2 bags of ice. We stopped to get gas about 3 hours later and some other hunters noticed Seth's deer and commented on it. Then they saw the "bag". They were totally blown away and loved the idea. We got home and showed the deer off to friends and family then proceeded to the processor. When we got there we had the deer in the "bag" for about 6 1/2 hours and the guys helping me unload the deer didn't know what to think when they saw the "bag". I showed them the handles to lift the "bag" out of the truck. We unzipped the bag and we still had ice in the bag and bottles. When we got home I was scared about the cleanup, it took less than 5 minutes and now it is back in it's place. I have made a lot of purchases but this is the BEST. I no longer have to worry about spoilage or flies.  Thank you, Chris & Seth

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From Perry Peterson, Mossy Oak Regional Pro Staff Manager

Picture of Perry Peterson "We were on a 7 day mule deer hunt in the far NW corner of Nebraska. I had frozen up some of the gel before we left and we used it in our coolers. When we got there it was 11 degrees so the gel stayed in the coolers very well. On Tuesday the weather started warming up and a guy that went with us stuck a real nice 10 point whitetail. We waited until morning to get him, bad shot, and got him back to where we staying and got him in the Trophy Bag Kooler right away with the gel. The temps rose into the 70’s on Wednesday and Thursday. We checked him several times and it was very cold inside the bag. We actually caped him out on Thursday and then left him hang in the bag until we processed him on Friday. Couldn’t believe how cold it was in the bag and the gel still was basically frozen...We have also used it on a nice buck a kid shot in Iowa during youth season and his dad used it last night on a 170# ten point he shot. I would recommend this to anyone, it works great. It will be at our hunting farm the rest of the year just waiting to bag another one!"

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From Matthew Arnold, Mossy Oak Pro-Staffer

"I can’t even begin to describe what a great product the Trophy Bag Kooler is. I purchased mine a year ago at the San Antonio Hunter’s Extravaganza and got to use it for the first time this weekend. I was about 2 ½ hours from home and it was around a 60 degree day. I took a big hog (110 lbs dressed) and knew that I couldn't’ get him to the processor until the next morning. I packed him in the Kooler with a few bags of ice at about 8 p.m. and headed back to San Antonio. The next morning, about 12 hours later, I got him to the processor and the ice hadn't even melted! And this was with temperatures in the mid-60s! I dropped of the hog and once I returned home, clean up was a snap! I rinsed out the bag, dried it and you can’t even tell there was a speck of blood in it! I was so thrilled that I immediately picked up the phone to order the KoolerGel™. I think Steve was more excited than I was and he was genuinely humbled at my appreciation for his revolutionary invention! I can tell you that if you hunt for food, you NEED this Kooler! Both the processor and the outfitter were amazed and both wanted information on where to get one. I think you are going to see more and more of this product. I am certainly going to tell my fellow Pro-Staffers and every hunter I know! If hunters are smart and care about the meat or the trophy, this will be standard issue for every hunter’s next outing! Good hunting!

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From Pete in Oklahoma City...

"My good friend, Steve Glass, called and told me of his design, a Trophy Bag Kooler, he has been working on for the past year and a half.  A couple of days later I met with Steve at his home to see the bag.  To say that I was impressed was putting it mildly.  The proposed function of the bag was a brilliant concept and the quality of the material and workmanship was superb.
Steve wanted me to take it out on that seasons (2007) deer hunt since we both have hunted many times in the past several years.  He knew of my passion for a bag of this kind, which would preserve a deer carcass in the field after full dressing.  I would still have ample time to bring back home or take to the taxidermist/processor a fully preserved deer. On day one of the ’07 deer season, I was very fortunate to harvest a splendid 8 point white tail at 9:30 a.m.  I took the carcass, after finishing full dressing, to the land owner’s barn.  I placed the carcass, whose weight was 163 pounds after dressing, and placed it into the bag.  I put three bags of ice in the cavity of the deer which was inside of Steve’s Trophy Bag Kooler and zipped it up.Later the next day, I arrived back at Steve’s house where he was anxiously waiting my return.  We opened the bag and the carcass looked perfect.  Steve inserted a thermometer and the reading on the dial was at 38 degrees. Perfect!! We took the deer in his Trophy Bag Kooler to his taxidermist, who was amazed with the carcass.  It was in perfect preserved condition.  The taxidermist stated this bag was the answer for many hunters who have lost deer to spoilage in the past. I can testify to the final results.  Steve and I shared the backstraps to perfection.  Any hunter, who is serious about the success of his hunt, must have a Trophy Bag Kooler."

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Sheep hunt in Colorado, August 2010

"...sheep hunt last week here in Colorado...scored a beautiful ram with a the bag and the gel..."





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