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Proper aging and field care information

KoolerGel® and KoolerKube™

Kooler Kube's in round ice chest

Two great ways to get KoolerGel®

Use the new Kooler Kube or use your own plastic bottles.

  • Makes ice last up to 50% longer
  • Use in any cooler to maintain proper temperatures
  • Scientifically formulated and developed
  • Just add water and freeze - Do not overfill
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally safe
  • Reusable/Refreezable and can last for years

Instructions for Kooler Kube™

Remove the white cap and red plug, add water to fill line (64 ounces). (The KoolerGel® is already inside the Kooler Kube™ and pre-measured for you.) Replace the red plug and white cap. Allow mixture to activate 10-15 minutes. Place in freezer for 24-48 hours for optimum temperatures of 15° to -10°F.

Place your frozen Kooler Kube's in the bottom of your ice chest then cover with ice.


This ice chest was inside of a truck with inside temperatures of 124°- 140° with the windows rolled up after six days! This was also after constant opening and closing of the ice chest to get drinks.

KK in ice chest with ice

The Kooler Kube™ cost for one is $14.99 plus $6.95 flat rate shipping for a total of $21.94. A two pack is $29.98 plus $6.95 flat rate shipping for a total cost of $36.93.

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Instructions for KoolerGel®

Mix with water in your own plastic container, from 12 ounces to 5 gallons, and watch it turn into a gel, then freeze! It doesn't turn back to water, it stays a gel. Plus, it's re-useable many times, less waste and very economical.

FishhoundLogoNAHC Field Tested Reviews KoolerGel


Video Featuring Jimmy Houston of Jimmy Houston Outdoors using the KoolerGel®


One pack is $13.95 (includes $2.00 flat shipping) or select two packs for $23.90 and get FREE SHIPPING!

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Trophy Bag Kooler Game Bags

The Trophy Bag Kooler protects the hide and meat of your harvested game.  Keeping your harvest cool is paramount to preventing spoilage and the Trophy Bag Kooler does just that.  The bags have a durable, 600D polyester outer shell and an antimicrobial liner that helps to prevent mold and mildew.  Deer, antelope, hogs, and turkeys, can be placed in the bag and then iced down with bagged ice or our KoolerGel® (preferred method) to keep the carcass at a temperature of 36 to 40 degrees.  The Trophy Bag Kooler is reusable and has the durability to last for years.  For the cleaner, neater solution to transporting game from the field to the processor or taxidermist, you need the Trophy Bag Kooler.  The original short-term portable storage unit for transporting harvested game or aging meat. The Trophy Bag Kooler can accomodate up to 300 pounds in harvested game. The bag comes in Mossy Oak Breakup®, Mossy Oak Brush®, Tan and Fluorescent Orange.

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Mossy Oak Break-Up®
Mossy Oak Brush®
Item # TBK1MB
Item # TBK1MR


Tan Game Bag


Fluorescent Orange Game Bag

Item # TBK1TN
Item # TBK1OR

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The Game Fresh System™
The Game Fresh System™ includes everything you need to keep meat as fresh as possible from the field to the processor or taxidermist. The Game Fresh Spray™ is an antimicrobial spray, that when applied to dressed and cleaned meat, helps disinfect and control the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on wild game or raw meat. Our specially formulated KoolerGel® is re-useable and stays colder longer than conventional ice. The Game Fresh System™ is available in the Mossy Oak Break-Up®, Mossy Oak Brush®, Tan, and Fluorescent Orange bags.

System Contents: One Trophy Bag Kooler, One pack of KoolerGel® , One 8-oz bottle of The Game Fresh Spray™

The Game Fresh System™ in Mossy Oak Break-Up®
The Game Fresh System™ in Mossy Oak Brush®
Item # TBG1MB
Item # TBG1MR

The Game Fresh System™ in Tan
The Game Fresh System™ in Fluorescent Orange
Item # TBG1TN
Item # TBG1OR

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The ComboKooler™
The ComboKooler™ Combo Pack is the most versatile soft sided cooler on the market today! The ComboKooler™ keeps your items fresh. Use for hot or cold items. Perfect for boating, camping, catering, fishing, hunting, parties, picnic outings, sporting events, tailgating, keeps drinks icy cold! Easy transport, easy storage, easy clean!
Keep your groceries fresh and frozen!  Keep a Kooler in your car! Groceries are expensive, and you can't afford to have food go bad before you even get it home! The ComboKooler™ is perfect for bringing home refrigerated or frozen foods from the grocery store. On a hot day, just getting your food home from the store can considerably reduce its shelf-life. A ComboKooler™ in your trunk will help keep your dairy products cold, your meat and fish fresh, and your ice cream frozen! Can be used in conjunction with our KoolerGel™® or with bagged ice. Can also be used alone on shorter trips. Have a pot luck dinner to go to but hate getting there with cold food? The ComboKooler™ works equally well for keeping hot foods hot! The insulating properties of the ComboKooler™ work with frozen or cold foods to keep the inside nice and frosty, even without a cooling source. Same goes for transporting hot foods! No more cold take-home pizza!!
The ComboKooler™ comes in Tan, Fluorescent Orange and Red. It is available in two convenient sizes, large and small! The large ComboKooler™ has a generous 105 quarts of storage space (28" x 18 1/4" x 11 1/2") and the small ComboKooler™ has 54 quarts of storage space (20 1/4" x 18" x 8 1/2"). The ComboKooler™ comes separately or in a combo pack with one large and one small. The small bag fits conveniently inside the large bag for easy storage.
Available in Tan
TBK5TN ComboKooler
TBK6TN ComboKooler
TBK7TN ComboKooler
The ComboKooler™ in Large
The ComboKooler™ in Small
The ComboKooler™ 2-Pack Combo
Item # TBK5TN
Item # TBK6TN
Item # TBK7TN
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Available in Red
TBK6RD ComboKooler
TBK7RD ComboKooler
The ComboKooler™ in Large
The ComboKooler™ in Small
The ComboKooler™ 2-Pack Combo
Item # TBK5RD
Item # TBK6RD
Item # TBK7RD
Available in Fluorescent Orange
TBK5OR Large ComboKooler
TBK6OR Small ComboKooler
TBK7OR ComboKooler Orange
The ComboKooler™ in Large
The ComboKooler™ in Small
The ComboKooler™ 2-Pack Combo
Item #TBK5OR
Item #TBK6OR
Item #TBK7OR


This is the tan bag with the NWTF Logo on screen print.

The ComboKooler™ 2-Pack Combo with NWTF Logo

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The Game Fresh Spray™

The Game Fresh Spray™ is an antimicrobial spray, that when applied to dressed and cleaned meat, helps disinfect and control the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on wild game or raw meat.
Image of Game Fresh Spray
Item # TBKGF8
$6.95 per 8-0z bottle

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HECS Apparel
hecs apparel logo
Order now $149.99
Size chart for HECS Apparel
Each HECS Suit comes with pants, long sleeve shirt, and head cover (3-piece).
It is recommended to order to fit shirt size, pants are adjustable.
28 -31"
If worn exclusively as an underlayer, size down one full size

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picture of a ruler

Trophy Bag Kooler™ Game Bag Dimensions
Bag Size
Rolled Dimensions
Unrolled Dimensions
Large (TBK1 )
31" x 27"
70" x 31.5"
ComboKooler™ Dimensions
Bag Size
Large (TBK5TN)
28" x 18.25" x 11.5"
105 quarts
Small (TBK6TN)
20.25" x 18" x 8.5"
54 quarts

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