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KoolerGel®, Kooler Kube™, Game Bag, and ComboKooler™

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KoolerKube Black

Now two great ways to use KoolerGel®!

Use the new Kooler Kube or use your own plastic bottles.

Instructions for Kooler Kube™

Remove the white cap and red plug, add water to fill line (64 ounces). (The KoolerGel® is already inside the Kooler Kube™.) Replace the red plug and white cap. Allow mixture to activate 10-15 minutes. Place in freezer for 24-48 hours for optimum temperatures of 15° to -10°F.

The Kooler Kube™ comes in a one or two pack. One (1) Kooler Kube™ is $14.99 plus $6.95 flat rate shipping for a total cost of $21.94. Two (2) Kooler Kube's are $29.98 plus $6.95 flat rate shipping for a total cost of $36.93.

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Instructions for KoolerGel®

Mix with water in your own plastic container, from 12 ounces to 5 gallons, and watch it turn into a gel, then freeze! It doesn't turn back to water, it stays a gel. Plus, it's re-useable many times, less waste and very economical.

KoolerGelFrontSix Frozen Bottles

One package makes enough KoolerGel® for at least six 2-liter bottles.

1-pack item # TBKG6 - 2-pack Item # TBKG12

1-pack $13.95 (includes $2.00 flat shipping) or select 2-packs for $23.90 and get FREE SHIPPING!

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TBK Industries, LLC Game Bags

Order more than one! Keep a Kooler in your car!

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TBK1TNTBK1ORBreak-upBrush Bag

The Game Bag comes in Tan, Fluorescent Orange, Mossy Oak Break-Up®, and Mossy Oak Brush®! The ComboKooler™ comes in Tan, Fluorescent Orange, and Red. The ComboKooler™ also comes in two sizes, Large and Small.

See our Products page for a complete list of our products.

Pictured below is our Tan Game Bag (TBK1TN) and our Fluorescent Orange Game Bag (TBK1OR).





Below are our ComboKooler's that are available in Tan, Orange and Red and Tan with the NWTF Logo!

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The ComboKooler™ is perfect for hot or cold items, and it has many other uses as well! The ultimate softsided cooler with four convenient carry handles can be used when boating, camping, catering, fishing, hunting, picnic outings, sporting events, tailgating, or use with groceries to keep you dairy products, meat, fish, and ice cream cold. They are easy to transport, easy to store and easy to clean.



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The ComboKooler™ is also sold separately either in Large (TBK5) or Small (TBK6).


The Large ComboKooler™ is $84.95 and the Small ComboKooler™ is $74.95

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TBK Tan Bag with turkeyTBK Red Bag with turkey

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